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Tutorial                     Description                     Colab Link                     Preview                     Time (min)
Introduction 0 Introduction to single-cell RNA-seq python python 0.58
Introduction 1 Pre-processing and quality control python, R python, R 1.36
Introduction 2 Getting started with analysis python, R python, R 13.5
Analysis 0 Building and annotating an atlas python, R python, R 31.2
Analysis 1 Perform pseudotime analysis R    
Analysis 2 Process single-nuclei RNA-seq python    
Analysis 3 Perform RNA velocity analysis python, R    
Analysis 4 Quantify multi-modal data python    
FAQ 0 Finding and downloading data python    
FAQ 1 Building consistent and custom indices python    
FAQ 2 Building RNA velocity indices python    
FAQ 3 Combining two count matrices python    
FAQ 4 Processing multiple sets of FASTQs python    
FAQ 5 Processing multi-species data python, R    
FAQ 6 Pseudotime with Monocle2 R    
FAQ 7 Parsing a BUS file in R R